Portfolio | UOL | Minute-to-minute telling of a reality show

Career period: 2011-2013

Following Urban Summer job as a social media representative for Audi, the main portal of Brazil, Universo Online (UOL), contacted me (with a little help of my friend Barbara Paludeti) to do another web publisher job. This time I would represent UOL on Twitter, covering everything that happened between 9pm to 4am inside the house of the TV Globo’s reality show named Big Brother Brazil, the 11th edition. The show is aired from January to early April every year.

The point here was to make a minute-to-minute coverage on Twitter, telling users whatever the contestants were doing. Tough job again to describe everything happening, specially during the parties, for which us Brazilians are famous enough around the world.

UOLBBB's Twitter profile

UOLBBB’s Twitter profile

Nevertheless, I happened to not only state what was going on in the show. I decided I would put some humor, sometimes ironically, sometimes pretty openly, to make users have some fun, which was completely supported by Aline Galasso, the one behind our team, supporting our attempt on making fun and not going beyond limits. I also responded to every commentary, no matter what, and always in a well-humored way, always thoughtful and attentive. SAC 2.0 level 100 this time as viewers from the show are really feverish. Not to say fanatic.

I repeated the job in the 12th (Jan 2012 to Apr 2012), 13th (Jan 2013 to Apr 2013) and 14th (Jan 2014 to Apr 2014) editions, this last time for the MdeMulher portal, from Abril Publishing (back again) which I will talk about in another post. I had some pretty nice accomplishments in this job (which you can check on the Achievements page) across the three times I worked for UOL, including these compliments you can see below from users and even some traffic generated exclusively because of my Twitter activity. Click on each to see the translations of the compliments.

I also had the task to replicate some main news in UOL Entertainment fanpage like this one below which got more than 800 likes and more than 100 shares.

My input on the Facebook profile of UOL Entertainment during the show

My input on the Facebook profile of UOL Entertainment during the show


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