Blog | Tension or cheering: if you’re Brazilian, choose both

So Brazil has won the first match against Croatia. Among Brazilians who are happy in receiving the World Cup, bliss. That’s the opening match we were all hoping for. Among those discontent with the FIFA’s event, a sign that the government has bought the entire thing to calm down all tension which’s been installed in Brazil since the riots of June 2013.

The conspiracy theory rumor that the government paid FIFA and all other countries’ teams edges to the ridiculous. But some of us would start believing it should Brazil reach finals. Facebook, though, shows a different side. Brazilian people love soccer indeed and all cheering selfies are there to prove the point. The sentiment left is that we can cheer, root for our team and still be angry and mad with the government’s pace with our internal infrastructure and economy and all.

And we all know our president Dilma Rousseff – who shouted loudly when Neymar scored the second goal – and her staff are hoping the cup to be delivered to the national team. If not, it might mean her failure at the elections. She is still the preference in the polls but is slightly going down… So, indeed, the World Cup is a strong indicative of everything that’s coming next for the country. The whole world should watch it, carefully. And us, Brazilians, in the middle of all of it, even more.

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